The Most Effective Solution to Bed Wetting Problems in Children with Enuresis

At the age 4-5, most children would have developed the bladder muscles that can help them to stop bed wetting, but some continue to wet the bed even after the age of 7. Bed wetting can be caused by underdeveloped or a small bladder, Heavy sleeping, Anxiety, Stress, Urinary tract infections, Hereditary or Abnormalities in urethral/urethra.

Bed wetting is a problem that affects almost all children and can be very stressful for both the child and parent. Children who wet the bed often suffer low self-esteem, loss of /or disturbed sleep, stress. They always fear being called names or being ridiculed by their mates; this makes them avoid others.

There are many solutions doctor can recommend, but the most popular and effective one is bed wetting alarm. The question is; what is a bed wetting alarm? How does it work and what are the benefits? Bed wetting alarm is a device that is used in treating a child that has a bed wetting problem.

How Do Bed wetting Alarms Work?

Top Brands of Urinary Alarms like WetBuddy, DryEasy, Chummie, Therapee, and Malem

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This sensitive device works with a moisture sensor which is often attached in a child’s underwear to trigger a bell or buzzer at any drop of urine. The alarm vibrates or a sound off anytime the child starts to urinate thereby helping the child to wake up in time to go to a toilet to finish the urination or hold on to the urine until morning.

If a child is a heavy/hard sleeper, the parent has to set the alarm to be loud enough for her to hear to help the child awake in time to go to the bathroom. Bed wetting alarms need to resetting once they go off, it’s necessary to teach the child how to reset it, or the parent needs to do that on his or her behalf.

In most times it takes about 4-6 weeks for the child to become used to waking up to the sound of the alarm. Some may be rough in their turning while sleeping, so the parent has to make sure the alarm is not loose enough to fall off and on the other hand not too tight to make the child feel uncomfortable

Benefits Of A Bed wetting Alarm

*The child learns to recognize the signs of going to toilet in the night and helps him to avoid bed wetting accidents in future.

*It is a healthier alternative compared to medications.

*Very effective simply because it uses a behavior modification system which is more likely to help the child stop bed wetting on a permanent basis.

*Gives the child and the parent peace of mind from waking up with a wet bed and the stress of washing and drying the bed spread.

*Boosting the morale of your child and leading the child in the way of recovering from low esteem brought by the embarrassments caused by bed wetting.

*Very easy and safe to use.

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