Bed Wetting and the Mistakes Parents Make

Many parents love and adore their children. The last thing that they want to do is to make their life miserable. However, moms and dads often make the mistake of shaming their children. Their intentions are good but the outcome is usually not right. Many mistakes are often made when this type of thing happens. Now, let’s take a look at some of these mistakes.

Waking the Child at Night

If you wake your child at night to go to the bathroom you will be responsible for their bed wetting condition. Once a parent starts down this road they cannot stop the process otherwise their child will revert back to their old habit. Keep in mind that children do not care if they go to the bathroom at night. They still will continue to pee on themselves. Ultimately, a parent should not take this action because it is a child’s responsibility to stay dry.

Fluid Restriction

When a parent wants to keep their kid dry they will often restrict their fluid. Regardless if they take this action or not; a child will still learn how to control their bladder with a small amount of fluid. Parents should make sure that they are not keeping their child’s bladder too empty because a child with a bed wetting problem will still pee on themselves at night.

Punishment and Bed Wetting

When a parent punishes a child for bedwetting they might not realize that they are egging the problem on. Children do not want to continuously suffer from this condition. A parent must realize that children pee on themselves because of a subconscious behavior. So, when a parent tries to embarrass their child about their bedwetting – this is not a good thing. This type of behavior only makes matters worse.

Don’t make a child Wash their Pee Soaked Bedding

Parents that make their child wash their bedding after they urinate on it are not doing a good thing. Parents must understand that children are not going to change because of they are being forced to wash their covers and sheets.

This of course creates more tension and it helps a child to feel more isolated and frustrated. Their bed wetting problem is bad enough and a parent can make it worse through their actions. Ultimately, parents should be as patient as they possibly can with helping their children to alleviate their bed wetting condition and not make the problem worse.