What is the Meaning of Nocturnal Enuresis?

What is the meaning of nocturnal enuresis? The term enuresis is a medical term used to describe unintentional urination. When speaking of nocturnal enuresis, it means that the individual in question is wetting the bed. There can be many different causes for this condition. Sometimes it is the direct result of an unrelated physical ailment which prevents the individual in question from controlling their urination, especially at night. At other times, it can be the result of developmental delays and still at other times, it happens because of some type of stress factor that the person is going through. In order to correct the situation, it is essential to find out why it is occurring so that the main problem can be addressed sufficiently, as nocturnal enuresis is typically a symptom of something else that is occurring, whether that be physical or psychological.

Understanding What Causes It

As previously mentioned, nocturnal enuresis is difficult to correct unless you know why it is happening in the first place. To further complicate matters, it is perfectly normal for certain people to wet the bed at night, such as small children that have not yet learned to wake up before they urinate. Almost every child wets the bed a couple of times and some have a much bigger problem with it than others, yet it is still considered a normal part of growing up. It becomes abnormal when it happens to a person who is an older child that has not been having problems with wetting the bed and then suddenly starts having problems with it on an almost nightly basis. A problem can also be signaled when an adult starts doing this or when someone who has wet the bed in the past suddenly starts doing it far more frequently.

What is the Meaning of Nocturnal Enuresis?

How does nocturnal enuresis differ from unintentional urination that occurs at other times of the day? Basically, it is a term that can be used to describe unintentional bed wetting, regardless of the time of day that it occurs. It sometimes denotes a problem because it could signal a physical ailment such as a urinary tract infection or it could be a sign that the person who is wetting the bed is undergoing a tremendous amount of stress and has no other way to deal with it. Either way, it is highly unlikely that the problem will correct itself until whatever is causing it is brought under control. In some cases, the situation is brought under control by itself over a period of time and in other cases, medication or psychological treatment is necessary in order to correct the situation.

What is the meaning of nocturnal enuresis? If you have someone close to you who is experiencing this condition, the first thing you should understand is that panicking will likely only make the situation worse. It is a condition that should be approached with a great deal of caution, not to mention patience. It is highly unlikely that things will be corrected in a couple of days or even a week. It might take several weeks or even several months to straighten the situation out, but with the proper treatment and support of loved ones, it is something that can typically be brought under control.