How to Stop Bed Wetting

Bedwetting can be a real problem. It is frustrating and can drive a parent and a child crazy.

Bedwetting is not an uncommon problem. There are some tips to if you are wondering how do you stop wetting the bed that will help with this problem and put an end to wetting the bed.

Use a Urinary Bed alarm

These alarms are said to be the most effective products for long time success to stop wetting the bed. These alarms have moisture sensors that can be worn on the pajamas and there is an alarm box attached to the shirt. When any moisture sets the alarm off this will alert a person so they can get up and run to the bathroom instead of wetting the bed. Studies have shown that these bed wetting alarms are effective and after then weeks of use 79% of people stopped wetting the bed.


This technique will help a person stop wetting the bed by emptying out the bladder throughout the night. Before going to bed a person has to use the bathroom. After two to three hours of sleep and alarm will wake them up and they will use the bathroom. This will help empty of the bladder and reduce the chance of accidents happening. This method does take some time to work. It will take around six weeks for this to be effective.

Bladder Training

This method is performed during the day to help the bladder hold urine and reduce the urge to go to the bathroom immediately. Once a person feels the urge to urinate an alarm is set and they have to hold it in for five minutes before going. They work their way up to 45 minutes over the course of a couple of days. This will help the bladder from needing immediate release and will help reduce the chance of wetting the bed at night.

Restricting Fluids

Around three hours before bedtime a person should stop drinking fluids. This will help empty the bladder. If there is less fluid in the bladder at night this will help reduce the chance of wetting the bed.


If bedwetting is a serious problem there are some medications that can be taken to help stop this problem. Desmopressin is a popular medication and will help control urine production. It will signal the body to stop producing urine and should only be taken at bedtime. Impiramine is another popular medication that can be used to stop bedwetting. This medication is an antidepressant and will reduce urine production. These medications may be a temporary solution but they can help stop embarrassment in social situations. This is one tip that you can use when wondering how do you stop wetting the bed.

These are some methods that can help a person including a child stop wetting the bed at night. These methods will take some time to become effective. A person should be examined by a doctor to make sure there is not a medical issue where the body cannot hold the urine. If there is no medical cause these methods can help reduce the frustration of wetting the bed at night.