Are Your Children Ready to Sleep Away From Home?


If your mom is like most grandmothers, chances are that she wants her grandchildren to come visit. After all, what better way for her to get to spoil them, spend time together, and create some fantastic memories? Unfortunately, it’s natural for parents to wonder if their children are ready. A child’s first time sleeping away from home can be difficult for everyone involved, especially if your child hasn’t spent a lot of time with her grandparents. There are, however, a number of ways you can determine if your child is truly ready to go visit Grandma on her own.

Make Sure Your Child Understands What’s Going On and Ask Them Questions

First off, talk with your child. Does she want to go visit her grandmother? Does she feel excited about the prospect or is she a little nervous? While some kids will be a little nervous no matter what, if your child is scared about the idea of spending the night away from you, she may not be ready. If however, your child is overly excited at the thought of getting to sleep over at Grandma’s house, chances are that she’s big enough to happily survive a weekend away from you.

Another important consideration is whether your child has any serious medical conditions that need to be closely monitored. If your child needs insulin on a regular basis, has a life-threatening food allergy, or has seizures, consider whether your child is old enough to handle these issues on his own. Will your child know to take his inhaler if he is having difficulty breathing? Does he understand what foods he needs to avoid for allergy purposes? Even if your parents are very attentive, consider your child’s medical needs and concerns before you decide to let him sleep over.

If your child is scared of the dark, has night terrors, or even wets the bed, talk with her about whether she feels ready to spend the night at your parents’ house. These things can all be very frightening and overwhelming, especially in a new place. Some children find that even though nightmares and bad dreams can be manageable at home, sometimes they’re overwhelming when the child is in a new place. Talk with your child about how to handle these problems when she visits her grandmother’s house. If your child is determined to visit even though she sometimes has bad dreams, consider packing a night light. Older children who occasionally wet the bed can also benefit from night-time disposable underwear for kids, available at Target and Wal-Mart, as well as most drug stores.

Whether your child is five or 15 when she decides to sleep over at her grandmother’s house, remember to try to make the experience as positive as possible. While it’s normal to miss your child, it’s also important for her to bond with other family members. Consider getting your child a special gift, such as a toy or a blanket, for her trip. Call to tell her goodnight every evening, but don’t be afraid to let your child have some adventures and experiences without you.